The Winx Project

I'm sure everyone's heard of Winx Club before. I've loved this show since I was little. The fairy transformations were always so cool to me! In Winx Club there are a lot of background characters who canonically don't have transformations. This project basically revolves around all those fairies, even the most obscure ones. I wanted to let my imagination run wild and make my own designs for those characters.

Lin-Poo, Fairy of Spring

Elizabeth, Fairy of Photosynthesis

Jenny, Fairy of Singing

Agween, Fairy of Hypnosis

Sandra, Fairy of Volume

Bera, Fairy of Butterflies

Anastacia, Fairy of Poison

Maggie, Fairy of Logic

Wirena, Fairy of Speed

Blue, Fairy of Rocks and Minerals

Luna, Fairy of Moonlight

Emy, Fairy of History

Kayleigh, Fairy of Agility

Clarice, Fairy of Lightning

Besides these designs, there are many more drawings I've made, dating all the way back to 2017. This series of artworks is the most recent direction I took within this project. I wanted to focus on design before doing all the cool poses. This is the biggest project I've ever taken on and is a true showing of my passion for this subject.